Our Top 5 Decorating tips for creating a beautiful space.

When imagining and decorating your space it’s so important to keep in mind how each element will work in creating the harmony of your space and how it makes everyone in the space feel, most importantly, how it makes you feel.

Check out our Top 5 Decorating Tips for creating a beautiful space!

  1. Bringing your space to balance 

Balance is not as simple as paying attention to the hierarchy and size of the objects in your space and how they work. Balance also comes into play with textures, colours and varying objects. It is so easy to overwhelm a room with too much texture play and an array of colours. A space comes to balance and harmony when we make sure that all of these elements speak to one another instead of challenging each other. The spaces that make us feel the calmest and most comfortable are the spaces that have carefully considered all of these various moving parts and how they come together. 

  1. Symmetry and Asymmetry 

Symmetry offers an ordered approach to a design or space. It makes for a neat and tidy design environment, users can find elements more easily. The human eye finds the balance brought about by symmetry. 

But Asymmetry can also bring about balance, as in nature not everything is perfect, it is organic. Many designers believe that balance is something can be achieved only in symmetrical layouts. It happens because the term asymmetry implies a lack of balance. While the definition of asymmetry is the lack of symmetry, it is not a lack of balance, as some wrongly assume, designs that lack symmetry still need to be balanced. 

In other words, no matter what layout you create, whether it’s symmetrical or asymmetrical, it’s vital to still achieve balance because an unbalanced composition can feel uncomfortable for the viewer or user of the space. 

  1. Bring luscious greenery into your space

Breath new air into your space by introducing plants and greenery. Not only do they add fresh air to your space but they add a beautiful pop of fresh colour to your home. The right plant in the right place can really bring your whole space together beautifully. When choosing a larger houseplant, acknowledge volume, overall height, and width. For example, a full tree placed in front of a window may block the natural light or make your space feel cluttered.

Proportion isn’t always about items the same size; it’s more about balancing weight. When you consider height, width, and volume you’ll select a plant that fills your space perfectly.

  1. Introduce a pop of colour

Some of us are not always thrilled at the thought of adding colours to our space as we are more reserved with our colour pallets. But it really makes such a huge difference to include an accent theme in your space to break away from all things neutral (Don’t worry we know – we love the greys and beiges too!)

There are so many fun ways you can introduce a pop of colour into your space:

  • Opt for a bold rug 
  • Choose bright and fun décor accessories or wall art
  • Pick a fun pendant light as your accent colour
  • Bring greenery or flowers into your space

All these elements and so many more can be utilized to add just the right amount of colour to your home, whether it’s simply adding in a plant or striking the perfect balance with multiple saturated hues.

  1. Conquer the clutter 

Take some time to tackle all the clutter you are holding on to that makes your space feel busy or uncomfortable. You will feel the tension immediately escape the room as you toss away those unneeded items that are taking up too much space.

We don’t realise how much unnecessary items and clutter can cause a damper on our space as well as our peace of minds. Create a sanctuary of your space and you’ll be excited to return home every single day!

Check out Better Home and Gardens “Top Tips to make your Home a stress-free environment”: https://www.bhg.com/decorating/lessons/basics/home-decorating-ideas-to-create-a-soothing-environment/ 
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